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Health Behavior

People-Driven, Personalized Technology

We believe that people require people to achieve real behavior change. Our system will empower practitioners to design the best route to improved health and wellbeing for individuals with physical or mental health conditions, and to guide them through a customized path of evidence-based behavior change strategies.

We are revolutionizing the “care as usual” assessment and treatment process, unlocking the power of a vast library of research across a wide range of disciplines and putting it into the hands of the human care team in an accessible, understandable, and easy-to-use way. Our change model and software system will yield precise, personalized change plans to significantly improve outcomes, reduce costs of care and improve lives.

We are building our Software as a Service to include Praestan’s unique health behavior change model; clinician, care manager, and individual user software applications; machine learning and analytics; user training and development; implementation management; and ongoing system enhancements.



More than two decades of thought leadership in evidence-based behavioral health practice and integrated behavioral and physical health stands behind our model.


Phase Approach

Our solution addresses the four phases of the client journey: engagement, change readiness, treatment, and ongoing support to maintain changes.


Solution Levels

Our software includes two practitioner engagement levels, a clinical level for trained behavioral health and primary care providers, and a coaching level for case and condition managers

Our Solutions

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For Patients

Improved access to more effective and efficient behavioral healthcare that ultimately has a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing.

For Providers

Easy-to-use software for behavioral health providers that supports client engagement and a customized, evidence-based change plan. Our solution dramatically eases the burden of clinical documentation, improves reimbursement, and includes built-in, continuous learning opportunities.

For Health Plans

Software to help case and condition managers more effectively engage high-cost members in sustainable behavior change. Designed to overcome change resistance and address both physical and behavioral health conditions, this unique solution drives improvement in health outcomes and total cost of care.

For Care Systems

Designed to improve health outcomes and quality of life for clients suffering from behavioral health concerns and chronic health conditions, our software significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of behavioral health providers in leading clients through a process of sustainable behavior change.

Our Demonstration Sites

Praestan Health has partnered with primary and specialty clinics to demonstrate the impact of our solution, and to ensure we’re continuously evolving our clinical model based on real-world experience and feedback. Our valued partners include: